Welcome to the artisan world of Gallop Asian Bistro. Our name, derived from the story of the Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty and his Counselor Chang's journey to obtain the Ta Yuan horses of legend; legend said that when they would gallop one would almost think they were flying and their long manes would float in the air like wings...

...as a boy growing up in Tibet, this legend intrigued a young developing artist named Ya Fu and instilled a love for horses and all things in nature that burns bright even today in his heart.

Adorning the walls and ceilings of Gallop are the hand-crafted works of Ya Fu. Aside from the stunning contemporary/rustic design of our home, we invite you to take a walk around and soak up the artisan beauty.

In the gallery below you can view some of Ya Fu's artwork, we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

"I like to express my love and awe of nature through paintings in the form of landscapes, people, Tibetan temples, monks and followers. In all circumstances, we all need the beauty of nature to fill out the lost elements of life. In my latest works, this feeling grows more and more..."

-Ya Fu . Danbapingcuo